Peter Jackson's documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. Released in 2018. World War 1 documentary that's been colorized. Has actual interviews of the sol...View Details

2020's The Devil All The Time! Directed by Antonio Campos. Starring Tom Holland and some other foo's. Crime drama based in the 50's and 60's. Cream Ri...View Details

091 Krampus

2015's Krampus review! Christmas themed horror Film! Yea!

090-The Game

Starring Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger! Directed by David Fincher! Yes we are talking about the 1997 thriller The Game! Yeah! 

089-Into the Wild

In podcast 89 we review Into the Wild. A movie about Christopher McCandless. He was the young man who hiked and lived in the Alaskan wilderness in the...View Details

088-Hot Shots Part Deux

We review the hilarious Rambo parody, Hot Shots Part Deux. Starring Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges. We also go over the first Hot Shots. YEAH!

087-Top 10 Video games

We discuss our top 10 video games. We begin planning for our 100th podcast. YEAH!

086-Beverly Hills Ninja

Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Liu Kang and Chad Walters. A great film about the legend of the great white ninja! Released in 1997. Very Funny.


Tonight we review Killjoy. An older flick about a nerd that brings to life a killer clown doll and then the nerd gets killed. Killjoy starts to murder...View Details

So here we have a new Paranormal Activity, directed by William Eubank and produced by the one and only Oren Peli.  Another in the franchise of Paranor...View Details

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